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Financial Services

At the Ganas Insurance Agency we specialize in providing financial services to help you with various options to secure your financial future. Whether you are planning on saving for college, retirement, or you just want to secure savings for the future. We are here to help customize a specific plan to meet your individual needs.


Annuities help to give you a steady amount of income for a specified amount of time or for your lifetime. Retirement is something we all have to plan on because you cannot always count on a steady paycheck to pay the bills. An annuity can give you a regular monthly income during your retirement, which could last as long as 20 to 30 years. Purchasing an annuity will give you control over how long the annuity is invested, when you receive your benefits and how often you are paid.

How it Works:
An annuity works by letting the insurance company invest money for you based on your contract and the selections you make. An annuity can provide a regular source of income that you cannot outlive.

Tax Advantages:
Earnings on annuities are not taxed until withdrawn from the contract, which makes  purchasing an annuity a great savings option for retirement.

Income Payments:
Annuities help to supplement what you already are currently receiving; such as pensions, Social Security, and personal savings.

Payment Period:
Depending on the annuity you choose, payments can last for a specified amount of time or for your lifetime. Some annuities can also be extended to your spouse after you die.

Different Types of Annuities available:
Immediate Annuity: An investment choice that can offer you income options right away.
Fixed Annuity: is a choice with less risk that guarantees a fixed interest rate over a specific time period.
Index and equity linked Annuity: A moderate to higher risk choice if you want to have the potential to accumulate income. Interest is linked to a market index. (such as S&P 500®)

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