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Student, Alumni, and Parents

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Marine Military Academy provides a wholesome, patriotic and invigorating atmosphere that inspires cadets toward maximum achievement. 阅读我们最近的评论,深入了解MMA的经验,以及它是如何影响现任和前任学员的生活的, as well as their parents.
Elite Military High School



— Aboira Irumudomon of Orlando, Florida, Delta Company

“很少有地方能像综合格斗那样,给你同样的工具,让你在生活中做得更好. By coming here, 我已经获得了成为一名成功学生所需要的技能,也懂得了真正领导者的意义——把别人放在自己之前, and to always set the example."

— Caleb Reynolds of McAllen, Texas, Alpha Company

"After I have been here for so long, I can say that I stand up for the things I believe in. MMA has taught me to be very strong morally."

— Gabriel Gonzales of Galveston, Texas, Delta Company

"MMA allows boys the opportunity to become men. Without it, I would be just another student trying to get into college, but because of MMA, I have schools fighting over me."

— Michael McGraw of Dallas, Texas, Alpha Company

"I would recommend MMA as a challenge to anybody who wishes to better themselves mentally, physically and academically. MMA has taught me drill, military bearing and work ethic; all of which has made me more responsible, a higher achiever, and, ultimately, a better leader."

— Robert Pearson, Jr. of Las Vegas, Nevada, Delta Company

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